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I went straight to the ECU. A few posts back, I had located the pinout for my ecu and circled the connections needed:

I just tapped into the wires coming out of the ECU plugs that corresponded to those connections, and hooked them up to the guino. Battery and ground went to the power plug (center pin positive please), the vss signal went to the vss-in on the guino and the injector signal went to the injector-in on the guino.

Note: you need to choose wire size carefully when using the spice clips or they won't connect to the wire properly. I had to replace the yellow hookup wire since it was a fraction to small and wasn't making a connection.

If you don't have a pinout, don't despair. We are really only tapping into one side of an injector (easy to locate, and only two wires to choose from) and the vehicle speed sensor, which is a little more tricky (may be in the speedo or the transmission). And of course battery power and vehicle ground will be hard to miss. I'm sure there is a generic connection routine that could be written using a multimeter, but someone has to write it. I.e. turn on the ignition, unplug an injector connector, look for 12 volts on one of the connector pins, use the pin lead that does not have 12 volts for the injector signal to the guino, etc..
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