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Originally Posted by larrydag View Post
dcb, When I downloaded the updated script for the Opengauge I wasn't getting a clean display. The top row of "0" digits were all garbled. The bottom row were fine. All of the display names you created ("IN, M/G, CU, etc") were fine too. Have you seen this before?
I have mentioned it before, the lcd does not always reinitialize properly after a download for some reason, or sometimes when plugging into the usb port. pressing reset should clear it up, and I haven't seen it happen when just using the external power jack (i.e. in the car). Also, I started having issues with the download on the serial board, but when I unplug the 5volt lead from the arduino to the component board before downloading, and plug it back in when I'm done, it works fine. That seemed like a manageable workaround to me for now.

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