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Originally Posted by dcb View Post
I have mentioned it before, the lcd does not always reinitialize properly after a download for some reason, or sometimes when plugging into the usb port. pressing reset should clear it up, and I haven't seen it happen when just using the external power jack (i.e. in the car). Also, I started having issues with the download on the serial board, but when I unplug the 5volt lead from the arduino to the component board before downloading, and plug it back in when I'm done, it works fine. That seemed like a manageable workaround to me for now.
Ok. That's interesting. I've tried resetting it several times after downloading. I will give the 5V unplug a try to see if that clears it up. Just curious if you were getting the same symptoms. The curious thing is the initial "OpenGauge MPGuino" comes up fine but the top zeros are garbled. I'll troubleshoot some more to see if I can get it to properly initialize. I probably won't get to it until late Sat. nite though.
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