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I buy wind power and sure it kills birds, but a wind turbine kills on average a bird per year, you know what else kills a bird per year? each window in your house, the other thing that kills birds is trees, they tend to run smack dab in to the trunks of them, so if you really really cared about birds you wouldn't have windows in your house and you would cut down all the trees, pollution from coal also kills birds along with pollution from oil, refining oil also takes electricity and where is that electricity coming from? the amount of electricity it takes it refine a gallon of gasoline can power an electric car for 20 to 30 miles (depends on the electric car) the pollution from coal power plants is also less per mile driven in an electric car then the pollution from a gasoline car and that is before you take in to account the pollution it takes to refine that gasoline.
So worst case my electric car is running of coal and is still doing less damage then my 50mpg non hybrid gasoline car, reality it's running off wind power, if I visit my parents then it's running off their wind and solar power.
I've also checked in to the batteries that I use along with a number of other brands of batteries out there and at least my lead acid batteries are pretty safe and I would feel just fine with Lithium batteries as well.

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