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very interesting , also there relying on air flow to get the air moving around instead of smooth body mods.. not the most efficient but workable.. air flow will create the smooth flow but not as efficiently, the reason they do it this way si that it adds added ground clearance for the car.. Ideally they would have side skits and nice low airdans from the front of the car , this however makes speed bumps etc.. hazardous..

IF all roads were designed for low to the ground long nosed highly areodynamic cars there would be no parking lot speed bumps etc.. ..

One Idea I have been tossing around was hydrolic or air suspension to raise the car up when driving in hazard area like drive ways and parking lots, but on the free way allow the car to drop nice and low to the ground... to a low stance for MPG. Even toyed around with a adjustable front nose angle, like the concord jets, they can adjust the angle of there nose.. for landing a such.. you could even make it linked to speed or gear selection, put it in 5th and it drops the nose section down to MPG mode..

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