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some real high end cars have these electronicly controled "drive modes"... mostely sport mode or something that controles engine management, sometimes gearshift points on an automatic gearbox, but also suspention stifness and all these new abs and what not safety features, i'm sure there's cars out there that later ride hight.

come to think of it, the old citroens like the DS did have this special suspention that would cause the cars to "sit down" when it was parked and than raise to a cerain level depending on the weight they where carying... these cars had fixed rear wheel fairings

but could lift a wheel of the ground so that it would drop out of the wheelwell and could be removed.... clever stuff for it's time and even now, i even think you could select various ride heights. sooo the technology for variable ride height is definately out there.

in fact later 80's and early 90's citroens had really gread drag quoefficients as well so with a little tweaking and aeromodding that could be an interesing starting point for a project.
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