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So, I filled up my girlfriends Focus last night and just after I started pumping a younger guy(early 20's or so) in a Prius pulled up on the other side of the pump. Now, anyone who has searched around this site for more than a few weeks knows what Prii are capable of in the right hands. I asked the guy what kind of mileage he got in his car and what most of the driving was (city/highway). He answered that he typically got 30-35 MPG city and around 38-42MPG highway and "love how much money I save compared to the '97 Civic I used to own" and started gloating about his mileage compared to the Focus. We continued chatting until both of us had full tanks, at which point I asked him what his tank average was for this fillup. He replied with "I made 33.54, according to the calculation on my phone", I giggled at this slightly as i showed him my phone which showed 35.69 MPG. He didn't believe me so I showed him my SGII with a readout of 35.6 MPG, at which point he accused me of faking it, and I responded telling him he should stop hugging trees and learn to drive more efficiently. I called him a tree hugger only because I believe some people (not all) buy the prius, insight and other hybrids thinking that they are helping the environment, and not realizing that they can help just as much by learning how to drive better.

NOTE: This is in no way meant to flame hybrid drivers, only to show that knowing how to drive better can make produce better mileage than having the car do all the work.

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