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Hey Aaron,

The biggest thing that I have changed in my driving is to coast and look ahead to upcoming stop lights and traffic situations to minimize re-accelerating. Since we both have GSR's (5speeds) we can use the engine as a brake when you let off the throttle in any gear to slow you down. When you do this the engine pumps air in the cylinders but no fuel is injected hence the reason for slowing down. If you push in the clutch and brake as you come to a light the car is idling and burning fuel to stay running.

The fuel log I have tabulated on ecomodder represents my drive to work which is really city driving 75% of the time but by minimizing my stopping and using controlled smooth acceleration I can achieve 30+ consistently city. I would recommend MPGuino since you're gsr is a 94-97 model and shifting at the recommended point in the manual of 3200ish rpm's. With our cars they really dont like being too low and you end up giving it more throttle instead of being smooth.

At the top of the forum is the 100+ hypermilling tips that will be very helpful and even a search on google will help get you as much info as possible. It will take time to accumulate enough tanks to determine if something is working well for you. In my profile garage I have the mods currently on my car that do have an effect on drag by being lowered. Proper maintenance and inflating tires to max psi allowed on the sidewall (cold) will minimize rolling resistance and make them easier to turn.

I'm a member of a forum called and recommend you check it out as it is by far the best intergra specific forum around. Ive been a member since 2002 and my username is 4drtegra. Check it out and ask me whatever questions you may have and Ill be happy to respond.



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