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Originally Posted by TheIVJackal View Post
So im on the ClubIntegra forums and I have 2 different people on there claiming they drive at over 3k in all gears and upshift at 4-5k, 50% city driving, and are averaging mid 30's/mpg. How is this possible? Goes against everything ive read...
First off, if they're driving the non-GSR model it's not all that surprising they could be getting somewhere in the range of 32-33 if their idea of city driving involves a fair amount of 35-50mph steady state driving. My best mpg in my 92 Integra was 37mpg, the best in my 94 Integra was 36mpg. Most of my driving at the time was true highway and i averaged somewhere in the low to mid 30s (31-34range).

Another thing to remember is people's mpg claims are to be taken lightly unless they're data-obsessed nerds. I had a coworker in 1999 that insisted his 1995 Ford Explorer averaged around 25 mpg. Eventually I got to know his wife and over a few beers at a BBQ she said that he never checked the mileage except when traveling on road trips. The best she could remember was 23-24mpg, but she was always having to fill it up (implying it got lousy mileage).

If claims sound too good to be true, they probably are. It takes a helluva lot of work to beat the EPA numbers. It can be done, but it's not done at 4-5,000 rpm.
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