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Tree Catcher - '94 Acura Integra LS
90 day: 32.12 mpg (US)

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My 94 Integra will get 29-30 MPG when I drive it like a raped ape, and I tend to get 32-34 as long as I keep the speed on cruise around 60 MPH.

One thing I've noticed, which I NEVER expected, was I picked up roughly 2 MPG by changing where I fill up. I figured it out quite by accident, I was just really low of fuel one day and didn't want to chance driving all the way to the cheap gas station and filled up at a 76 station. I ended up going 440 miles on that tank, and since then I've ripped off a few 400 mile tanks, which was nearly impossible with my cheap gas alternatives. Now I only fill up at 76.

Otherwise, you may want to consider a tune up?

I played with EcoMods for a little while, but I ended up seeing no measurable benefit from any of them. Tire pressure did nothing extra beyond 36psi, so I just run 36 now. 50 PSI made the steering really light and felt unsafe that way.

I tried a grill block, but that did absolutely nothing. At first I thought it did, but it turned out to just be my driving style, because I took it off to do some bumper repairs, never put it back on and my MPG didn't change.

I even tried engine off coasting...and I have many hills to coast down. Even THAT did absolutely nothing for FE. I think whatever I saved with the engine off, was used up in enrichment mode when the engine restarted. I have a section of hill I could cost down for 2 full minutes. No benefit.

I've just become content with my 32-34 MPG, but keep in mind it's virtually no city driving and mostly 55MPH speed limit two lane highways.
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