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Sound like I am the NEW Dreamer....hahahaha

One post and I am labelled the NEW Dreamer...hahahha
Just for the record I am PROUD to be a DREAMER and a REALIST
Nice way to welcome new blood into the blender of modern thinking.
My question is did you watch the documentary? For every NEW Dreamer I can find a 10,000 naysayers. Maybe that's why dreamers leap ahead of the naysayers because they can believe and then DO the so called impossible.
As the documentary goes it is possible without having to coast down the highways of the world. Only believers will reach the limits without having to carry a 2 lb. boat around....At least the Zoleco team is trying and not listening to ALL the NAYSAYERS that are the majority of any society.

Here's another website to look at since why invent the wheel again for all the NAYSAYERS when it has be so eloquently shown....


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