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Originally Posted by chancy View Post
As I have already stated the naysayers would be out in droves to dispute claims of 200 mpg.
Did you watch the documentary?
Did you go to the website and delve into the discoveries already made?
Who's documentary? Who's discoveries?

because everything that's in documentaries is true, right? (creation vs. evolution for example, but let's stear clear of that one)

most of the BS gas mileage stuff that's sold is "Backed by certified lab testing" - enough said

IF all the naysayers did then they would have some work to do to prove the claims wrong and also all the patents.
Science proves it wrong all the time(several of the posts on this topic in particular mention the science), you're just blind to people telling you that you're wrong.

since you are so confident, how about you design one and prove that the actual amount of energy in a gallon of gas is more than scientists already proved long ago?

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