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You're right the light bulb didn't come on......

Originally Posted by Joenavy85 View Post
Who's documentary? Who's discoveries?
because everything that's in documentaries is true, right? (creation vs. evolution for example, but let's stear clear of that one)
most of the BS gas mileage stuff that's sold is "Backed by certified lab testing" - enough said
Science proves it wrong all the time(several of the posts on this topic in particular mention the science), you're just blind to people telling you that you're wrong.
since you are so confident, how about you design one and prove that the actual amount of energy in a gallon of gas is more than scientists already proved long ago?
YES, I am very confident! That's why I turned the light bulb on here. ..Oh ya you never saw's been going for 110 years BUT just wait a light bulb cannot possibly last more than a couple of years......this is what scientist have been telling us forever and one little tiny light bulb proved all the scientists WRONG!!
PS I can see that you want me to read all the posts in the thread which I have done and I can see that you have not watched the documentary since you would have known who produced it and documented the history since '39.
Since you never watched the documentary you NEVER SAW what was presented in plain english for anyone to learn're right I am blind and can't see....that's why I turned on the light bulb for all the naysayers to brighten the room full of possibilities.....Now I know why they call the naysayers SHEEPLE. Stay asleep and miss all the exciting discoveries over the past 70 years.
OR look at the the evidence that I have posted of great science including the light bulb.....
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