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I will be happy to sell my 200 mph carb and the engine that came with it. Come and get it for $150 after I take it to the Vetter fuel economy run in Ohio. If you stay for supper over the grill, I'll show you how to roast a marshmallow over a bed of coals with your bare fingers without burning youself. In all fairness, the carb is a Walbro on a 23cc
2-stroke bike engine. With a full fairing bike I would like to get 500 mpg at 30 mph doing pulse and glide. I trained as a mechanical engineer in the 1970s and work in a research facility now. The notion that anything is possible is a favorite of evolutionists. The simple truth is that to make something happen you only have to arrange the lawful conditions needed for it to happen. The bit about the marshmallows is true but most people are too impatient. God is VERY scientific.
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