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200 mpg Carburetor EXISTS

Originally Posted by dcb View Post
I have few options now, determining if you are certifiably insane or horribly confused, or horribly lazy or some combination of the above.
ANYTHING MAY be possible (including "anything may not be possible"), but even then it is an infinitely small number of things that accurately reflect reality. "Everything IS possible" is absolutely false, guaranteed self-contridiction there because it contains the possibility that everything is not possible.
Greetings: Yes, I am certifiably insane IF I was to believe that a 200 mpg carburetor didn't exist. I would also be 6 feet under after bringing it to the table. When 1 cent on gasoline brings in billions and billions of dollars if not trillions of dollars the person who displays this carb will have only one choice NOT to bring it to the table.
All you have to do is ask Tom Olge how it feels to accomplish the impossible. That's right he past away alot sooner than he should have since it was such a great invention never to be had by consumers.
One thing for sure none of you watched the documentary from what you are saying or looked at the website I posted...
I'm glad to hear that you actually looked at the impossible light bulb. It was meant to show everyone here that ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE!

PS The story you had on here about people in Canada getting amazing gas mileage on the cars being bought from the factories down east is TRUE. I just had a good talk with my Dad and Uncle whom are both close to 90. They personally confirmed our relative was one of those with a car with an amazing carb on it. The carb was taken by the manufacture from our relative because he was bragging so much about the carburetor's incredible gas mileage. He had it for a couple of months before it was taken.

I guess I am certifiably crazy because I believe my Dad and Uncle because they have NO REASON to LIE. I also know my relative from when I was a kid and he would NEVER LIE for any reason. When he said something it was TRUE. PERIOD.

At least the naysayers woke up for one day. I thought this was a forum to get results...not a forum to have it delivered onto their vehicles for them.
Interestingly enough my point was proven alot faster than I could even have wished for!
All the best to everyone in their pursuit of the 200 mpg carburetor that EXISTS.
Believe all the naysayers propaganda! It will serve everyone well for a great sleep......
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