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Originally Posted by Joenavy85 View Post
... If you build the engine and car around the carb(which would be hard enough as it is) it can be done...
It has been done. The better "Shell Challenge" cars did beat that figure. From what I can tell, they took a stock car of some type and then totally gutted it, swapping out just about everything mechanical in it. One such was a Fiat 600, which was selected because it was lightweight and inexpensive. The car was rebuilt only to run the Challenge, and was totally unsuited for the street. (I don't think it even had a reverse gear.)

They proceeded to drive it at something like a maximum of 35 MPH for many many hours, and evidently achieved well over 200 MPG.

That doesn't make the carb that was fitted to it a "200 MPG carburetor", though. It makes that particular car a 200 MPG car under very specific circumstances and keeping a rather large set of compromises in mind.

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