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Originally Posted by chancy View Post
If that were true ... it must therefore also be possible that you are wrong ... as that concept falls into the all inclusive category of "EVERYTHING"...

Originally Posted by chancy View Post
As I have already stated the naysayers would be out in droves to dispute claims of 200 mpg.
correction ... they are not out to dispute claims of 200 MPG ... just some more specific claims about some fictional methods of achieving 200 MPG.

I'll take the real world tested 2,564.8 MPG Prototype Class and 646.7 MPG Urban Concept Class from what science has achieved ... science is producing real world products that perform better than your claimed 200 MPG ... even if you could manage to get 200 MPG ... and you managed to have it independently verified by a 3rd party like shell did in the ECO Marathon ... 200 MPG is still inferior to the 646 MPG that the science you reject has already achieved.

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Originally Posted by capnbass91 View Post
Going off of how much energy is in a gallon of gas, the most mpg one can possibly achieve would be 80 mpg.
Thanks for finding your own error ... You beat me to posting it.

The only thing that limits the upper end maximum MPG from the finite amount of energy per gallon is how low you can get your energy needs for a given vehicle to move ... See above ECO Marathon examples.
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