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Overall, I'd try to ditch the motor and swap in an HF motor and tranny. I'm sure you could sell the motor and all the parts for way more than you'd pay for a HF motor and a complete rebuild.
So, um... what's an HF motor (google is being ambiguous), and what does a "complete rebuild" entail? I'm aware that this is probably a dumb question, but everyone has to learn sometime, right? The best I can come up with is that the HF thing refers to select D series honda engines. Also, what's an HAI? Any suggestions on where to look online for these things?

The suggestions seem to contradict in some parts. Keep the alternator pulley but go to a setup with no alternator? Ditch the engine but only remove certain parts? I'm willing to follow complete instructions in turning this thing into a gas sipper (I put on roughly 40k miles per year and need a project for this summer) so long as the cost of changes can be offset by the price I could sell the current parts for (so knowing whether to sell the engine as-is or unmodify and sell in pieces would be a great help). I'd also like to know how exactly the changes would help -- Andyman's post:

Probably the most important thing to do is to remove the high performance camshaft and install the original type camshaft. Lots of valve overlap will dilute the fuel mixture with too much exhaust gas and reduce effiiciency when using low engine loads
is great. It actually taught me something, though I only have a tenuous grasp of what it means (I know the operating principles of an ICE, but that's about it. Practical experience is what I'm lacking, so to me "valve overlap" means that the next valve opens before the first is shut).

I know how annoying it is for a newb to come into an established forum and be utterly clueless. I'm willing to come at this project with 100% humility and willingness to learn and work hard. I also promise I'll not be a jackass even if someone flames me.

With a little guidance I'd like to become more wise in the ways of ecomodding (and automobiles in general), so where do I start? I'll take/post any pictures that're requested -- would a snapshot of the extra parts I got with the car be helpful?
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