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The Photoshop'd image is somewhere on a drive, I'll post it hopefully later this month (long story involving inlaws, Vermont, and a baby due in less than a week )

I *almost* bought an Insight when I got my Civic, but it was $2,000 more, an automatic, and a 2 seater. At the time I was getting rid of a '92 Accord which I loved, but had 260,800+ miles on it. I was starting Bishop's in the fall (Have friends who went there MetroMPG?) but working in New Hampshire (where I'm from originally) so I spent a lot of time on the highway I've always been a conservative driver, but I like getting awesome mileage in an old car with no speeding tickets I generally get around 45mpg in the summer, so I'm hoping to routinely get 50+ in the summer, and 40+ in the winter (Quebec roads + studded snowtires kill mileage).

My wife and I are hoping to get a plugin Prius when they come out around 2010, but in the meantime with family in New Hampshire, Vermont, Texas, Montreal, and friends all over the continent, we're looking to get more mileage out of our Civic. My plans are (tentatively) in this order:
Radiator block
Windshield wiper covers
Underpan cover (after seeing how much rust is under there)
Rear skirts
Front skirts

I'm planning on following in the footsteps of the Aerocivic in terms of the corrugated plastic (I had an RC plane made out of the stuff that was nigh indestructible!), but possibly making it look a little cleaner... Any suggestions on what kind of thing to tackle first in terms of ease?
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