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Originally Posted by Diesel_Dave View Post
You know you're an ecomodder when your wife posts on facebook, "My husband is obsessed with the mileage he gets on his truck...seriously ridiculous obsession."

And the sad fact is that she probably only knows about 25% of what I do (no visible mods)!
Let's see: the national average for family spending on transportation is now the highest since record-keeping began 60-years ago: 17%. For those entirely trapped by vehicle-dependence the average is 23% of after-tax, net-income.

YMMV, but I believe that if my wife pulled that one on me that I'd post about the expanding foam bits she drops all over the house after her latest "ridiculous" attempt at weatherization. Or, how I'm tired of helping her with Manual J calculations on a Friday night. Or, that while she might think substituting goats for a lawnmower is cute, but she's on her own wit the neighbors on that one . . . . .


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