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Originally Posted by dcb View Post
There are few in computer science problems that cannot be solved by another layer of indirection. Of course those layers may create new problems however, so you have to choose your layers (and problems) carefully
Oh, don't I know it! Spent many late night hours trying to solve one indirect problem caused by trying to solve another problem, so on and so forth. That's why I'm trying to get all the "indirect problems" (like "how can I make it do (this) or (that)") out of the way before jumping head-first into this project

Menu stuff is the easiest part, though... putting together menus of dynamic options is pretty easy with the "dual-mode" mod I came up with in phi_prompt's list-render function. The hard part is finding ways to organize and implement each of the functions I wrote into that sort of "wish list" in the code block above! Most of them were already planned out, but others I just knew it could be done (like "last 5 trips") but hadn't sketched out where to put it, manage it, or display it yet. Those will be the fun parts, but jotting them down now is a good way to remember what still needs to be done, and how far along I am!
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