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I've created a new project on Google Code named 'obd2-instruments'.

This project contains multiple subsystem.

The Cougar add-on OBD2 code is there, unchanged from its early January snapshot.

There are more recent versions for both the AVR (e.g. Arduino hardware, and the Cougar hardware) and the STM32.

The AVR version supports multiple chips. Our first motor controller used an Arduino Mega1280 board, which soon added a MCP2515 CAN controller. At that point I rewrote our firmware to be partially compatible with the Cougar config structure in the hope that the CAN interface code would be useful for Cougar users.

I later added a driver for the CAN controller built into the AT90CAN32 series, although that is untested and there is no GPIO setup code for those chips.

The STM32 version started with our use of the STM32VLDiscovery board. We wired up a MCP2515 controller, since I had known-working code. (That was supposed to be easy, but we lost a few *days* to chip bugs that made that specific SPI port unusable.) I later added support for the '103 and '105 chips and their 'bxCAN' on-chip CAN controllers once our controller PC board was fabricated.

BTW, thank you 'Laen' at DorkbotPDX for making it easy and inexpensive to have our controller PC board made, along with all of the other random PC boards for our EV project.

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