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Does it frustrate you too?

....when you see new SUVs that have factory MPG ratings as good as older compact cars?

My current car:

98 Grand AM GT, 5spd manual, 2.4L - 20/30/24

Previous car:

94 Galant GS, 5spd manual, 2.4L - 19/27/22

Both of these cars would be considered compacts or smaller midsize cars (my Grand AM is a coupe, so it is very small), and I have certainly sacrificed trunk space and interior space for the sake of MPGs by owning both of these vehicles...

Now, take a look at just a couple of the new SUVs on the market....

2012 Hyundai Tucson 2WD, 6spd AUTO, 2.4L - 22/32/25
2011 JEEP Compass 2WD, 5spd manual, 2.5L - 23/28/25
2011 Chevy Equinox FWD, 6spd auto, 2.4L - 22/32/26

Why is it that some of these newer SUVs are getting better FE than older model compact cars? Is a 6 speed slushbox really better than a 5spd manual? Obviously I only listed 2wd SUVs, but even the 4wd SUVs are basically on par with the cars I've owned. I would call it mildly irritating at the LEAST, when I am cruising along at 10 under the speed limit on the highway in my compact car without A/C and a new SUV flies by me at 70 MPH ++ and is probably getting equivalent if not better MPG than I am.

What do you guys think is the main reason these SUVs are getting so much better MPGs? They still look like an aerodynamic drag and I couldn't imagine them very light, either. What am I missing?

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