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I was at the local Pug dealer the other day for some random parts and while waiting I had a look at a 207 on display. The window sticker had a comparison of the model with different engines and I noticed that there is a 99g (CO2/km) version, but... Most "eco" models sacrifice performance for fuel consumption, but here I saw that the 99g not only had much lower FC than the non-99g version (3.8l/100km, 62mpg vs. 4.2l/100km, 56mpg) but also had better acceleration (0-100km/h in 11.7s instead of ~12.5s) and top speed (185km/h vs 180km/h), iirc, even though the 99g isn't noticibly lighter. So I got to searching...

After much digging I found that:
  • The 99g is actually the production version of the Economique,
  • It has a 68kW (92PS) 1.6HDi turbodiesel with a 5-speed manual gearbox,
  • Its urban/extraurban/average fuel consumption in the euro cycle is 4.6/3.3/3.8 l/100km (51/71/62 mpg),
  • It does not have an engine start/stop system, which is standard on PSA's 1.6 e-HDi turbodiesel.

Originally Posted by vtec-e View Post
It's funny they didn't touch the wheel arches. Either they didn't like the way they looked with skirts on (and hence lose sales) or the skirts made little or no difference to drag.
According to this review they did touch the wheel arches:
The bodywork also receives treatment to make it more aerodynamic, including a lower front bumper, a flat undertray, side sill extensions and a large rear spoiler. There are also specially designed wheel trims and low-rolling-resistance tyres. All this helps to reduce the drag coefficient from 0.30 to 0.27 - which helps in the quest to use less fuel.
What raised my eyebrows in that review was the following:
The 207 Economique is based on the standard 1.6 HDi model, but its engine management software has been tweaked to provide better economy, and it has longer gearing to keep the revs as low as possible.
So maybe I can remap my ECU to get better FE sacrificing some power? I doubt Peugeot will do it, though...

Quite a treat, this car. And there are already a few of these on the roads in Europe, so used 99g's should be showing up soon in the classifieds. Extend the kammback just a bit, cover that gaping grille, add a kill switch, and the car would be sipping even less fuel
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