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Originally Posted by Old Tele man View Post
...sometimes (often?) they have to MAKE the market exist, such as Toyota has done with their Prius...
It doesn't even need to go that far. Look at the US auto industry: 50 years ago it had over 95% of the domestic auto market. It has spent almost all of that half-century insisting that Americans don't want smaller, more fuel-efficient cars. Nowadays it has IIRC less than a 50% market share. The rest was lost to foreign manufacturers who built - guess what? - mostly smaller, more fuel-efficient cars.

PS: Now that I think on it, I just have to ask a dumb question. If Americans have always wanted big cars, where'd all the Metros, Civic/CRXs, VW Rabbits, and the other cars you guys like to pick up used come from?

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