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Old Tele man -

Originally Posted by Old Tele man View Post
...instead of a single model, they could/should make variants:

economy model: stripped down, lowest weight, manual trans, best aerodynamics, highest fuel-economy.
entry model: sound-proofing, manual or auto, A/C available, people-hauler.
upscale model: fully loaded w/ all the bells & whistles.
sporty model: performance is goal, economy isn't.
From a factory POV, more model differentiation raises the UMC (Unit Manufacturing Cost), so that's "bad". But on the whole I agree with what you are saying.

In a way Honda is doing something like this with their eco/normal/sport button on the Honda CRZ. I think having a button like that is a no-brainer on almost all models. It won't change the options in the way you describe, but having a low-cost button + differentiating the software should keep the UMC under control.

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