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Warm air intake on a Focus....

Am seeing what I think are some definite mpg gains from using a warm air intake with a Focus....after seeing a low 40s mpg trip on a 15 mile run under the conditions mentioned below....and this run involved a few stops and slowdowns for curves, etc.

This is after the car is warmed up and when ambient temps are above 80F.

My simple warm air intake results in IAT temps ~ 30F above ambient in these conditions (car warmed up/ambient above 80F) ...meaning IAT of around 110F to 120F.

So I'm thinking that if there was a way to maintain the 110F-120F intake temps or above under a wider range of conditions...mpg could be increased meaningfully.

Thinking of removing the heat shield from the exhaust manifold....and fabricating an outlet from sheet metal to allow attaching the intake tube for increased heat intake.

Not sure of the effect of removing too much heat from the exhaust tubes as far as efficiency is concerned though. Also might be an issue of too much heat for the plastic air box?

Interested in results or comments from anyone else using heated air on a Focus or other car. The Focus uses a MAF...not the MAP...which is supposed to be more effective with warm air.

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