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GMC Somona with Open Revolt

Over the past few months we have converted a 1998 GMC Sonoma that had a blown motor to electric drive. In order to keep cost low I built and have installed an open revolt Cougar controller. Last week the truck finally made its first long drive and the controller worked out great. The plan for the truck is to use it as a daily commuter with a 60 mile round trip. Since I will always be driving the same route at about the same speed this makes a perfect test bed for various efficiency mods. I want to get some data on the various mods and how they change the Wh/mile of the truck

Right now the truck is in pretty bad shape as far as efficiency is concerned. I am collecting data now so I have a base from which to compare to. Here is a photo of the truck and of the Cougar controller in the truck before a case is put on it.

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