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Originally Posted by cfg83 View Post
jamesqf -

Me too, I've always owned fuel-efficient compact cars. But I don't think we are in the car-buying majority.

And I know what you're saying, but the distinction I am trying to make is that there is a broader context in which Detroit failed. You drive a 1st-gen Insight that you fully admit was an economic failure for Honda. If gas prices had been higher, do you think Honda would have sold more 1st-gen Insights?

Would you disagree that *legislated* higher fuel prices would have effected the evolution of American car design? When I talk about legislation, I am talking about an artificial environment that promotes higher MPG cars. Conversely, cheap gas leads to an equally artificial environment of low MPG cars.

From my POV, Detroit and America are two sides of the same coin.

What you are talking about goes back to the " American Image ". Land of Opportunity, Land of Plenty. The public has been conditioned to " bigger is better ", " more power ", and unfortunately " don't worry, be happy ".

If the US had to operate under the same fuel prices as Europe or Japan for say, 40 years or longer, then the designs and marketing would cater to that.
And you are right about the role of government creating the environment, since they are the rule makers for business.
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