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Originally Posted by euromodder View Post
You might want our cars, but the reverse is far from true - most European people simply don't want a US gas-guzzler. Those who do form a niche market served mostly by grey imports - and almost invariably running on LPG which is a lot cheaper than gas. Most are light trucks or sportscars.
Europe could hardly be importing sports cars from the US, since with the exception of the Pontiac Fiero, Detroit has not built a sports car since the Ford Thunderbird and Chevy Corvette of the late '50s.

I did notice a number of American cars in Europe. IIRC Geneva airport security was running around in Chevy Suburbans a few years ago. (Long wait for a plane, before they had non-smoking areas in the terminals, so I spent hours outside.) There were a couple of Hummers I'd see around Lausanne (why I don't know, given the width of the streets in the older/pricier parts of town), and Jeep Grand Cherokees seemed about as common as Land Rovers in England.
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