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MPG is not linear police
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Originally Posted by pjbgravely View Post
I forgot to mention the 37MPG is a 6 cylinder and the 4th Generation is a lot slippery than yours. I doubt you could get that high but who knows. I wouldn't even think about getting a 5th Gen, until I saw the 2011 fixes a lot of the aero problems. So In just 6 years I can get one
Ahhh, I have the GT (V8). I would just be happy if I could approach 30 MPG. 23 is my all time high right now.

See, I love the new hood for the 2011+ but I HATE the rear end changes. But I'm weird anyway. I wish I could have the 5th gen 2005-2009 w/ a 4th gen rear end. I just love that rear on the foxbody, not so fond on the front end for some reason.

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