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If you really want an example of what's wrong with some automakers, here's a real life example that happened to me earlier this year.

I discovered one of the hump hoses (that connects the intercooler pipe to my intake) was torn and needed replaced. BTW, I must point out that this is a Dodge part, not a Cummins part. Anyway, so I order a replacement hump hose from a racing shop online--It's a thicker, more durable hose than the original and quite a bit cheaper. These hoses are held in place by simple band clamps (in most cases T-bolt band clamps). So when my hose comes in the mail I go out to my truck to replace it. I take the upper clamp off the intake, but then when I go to remove the lower clamp I can't see the T-bolt. I assume it's just on the back side where I can't see it, but when I feel for it I realize that Dodge has decided to save a few cents (litereally) and use a welded band that you have to destroy to remove rather than a simple T-bolt clamp. So I measure the size of the clamp I need and go to the Dodge dealer.

First of all, it doesn't do any good that I have the measurement becuase all the kid at the dealership can do it search around in his computer for the part and come up with a picture and a part number that does not include any actual dimension. So he assures me that it's right, and orders it for $15. It comes in, I drive accros town to pick it up, take it home and realize that it's the wrong size. I go back to the dealership, return it, and he orders another one. When it come in, I drive accross town again, pick it up, take it home and AGAIN find out it's the wrong size. I drive across town again to the dealership which is supposed to close a 5:30. I get there at 5:20 and everyone is already gone. I went back the next day and asked for a refund, and bought the clamp new on e-Bay for $1.99 (including delivery charges). I should've just screamed at the guy at the dealership, "DO YOU PEOPLE REALLY NOT KNOW WHY YOU WENT BANKRUPT!"
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