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And DD, and realize I am poking fun at your story ( I've experienced it on more than a few occasions in the past ), here's the evil conspiracy.............

The engineers could have done a better job with the affected parts, but were told not to, because stuff has to break on your truck so that you would have to come to the stealership only to encounter an idiot who gets paid nothing to order the wrong part, make you drive twice to said place, burning more fuel and stressing you out again, which causes you to take a pain reliever or drink ( more money spent ), and waste more time on the internet to purchase said part off of Fleabay, get it delivered to your door by a major delivery company, when all that had to happen was the part that got affected was engineered right in the first place.

You now have helped an automaker, an oil company, a drug company, a brewery or distillery ( if you drink ), a transportation company and an online auction over a poorly engineered part.

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