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Originally Posted by jamesqf View Post
Oh, really? There's a long, long list of contrary evidence, starting with the Edsel, continuing through "it's just not technically possible to meet these emission/fuel economy (repeat that one with variations, every year or two), and finishing with "we can go on selling SUVs forever".

So your argument is basically that all "Big Business" is in a conspiracy, and GM, Ford, & Chrysler are willing to sacrifice their own profits - indeed, risk their very existence - in order to prop up oil company profits. Sorry, but I just can't buy that sort of altruism from the automakers. As was said earlier, it's important not to mistake incompetence for evil.
To be incompetent implies that you don't know what you are doing. To be evil implies malicious intent. There is no way with the decisions being made by these automakers who have been in business for as long as they have, that there hasn't been collusion with other business sectors. If they were totally autonomous and had no undue influence from outside forces, then based on the conditions on the ground, the vehicles that have the highest reliability, quality and fuel efficiency by a large margin at the lowest cost would outsell the competition. All of the OEMs have built these vehicles, but they are not sold here.

There is no way that I will accept incompetence. Big Business can do what's best for the end user or they won't, it'll never be because they can't.
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