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Originally Posted by Old Tele man View Post frustration centers on how the "new" car companies are seemingly 'repeating' the "errors-of-their-(stupid)-ways" AGAIN, in-spite of new people and endless promises of "change."

...notice that I own & drive 3 GM products, so I feel 100% obligated to "throw rocks" when I see problems, faults, lies, and broken promises being repeated by the current 'manglement' of GM.

...notice that I "used" to own nothing but Mopar products--but since the Daimler-Chrysler "rape" I wouldn't own anything with a Penta-star on it.

...notice that I don't own or drive any Ford products...and I likewise DON'T comment (much) on them...I don't talk about what I don't know about. frustration "rant" is now OFF.
OTM, like you, I was a big Mopar man, just because they took chances, were cutting edge on a lot of things and were cool ( I am talking pre emission stuff ), had a GM here and there ( Corvair 140hp, Delta 88 convertible, 1st Gen Buick Riviera ) but never got on with them; most of the cars and trucks were Fords. The best out of all the vehicles I've had were foreign, a Hyundai Elantra ( only new car I've had ) and a beater Honda Accord.
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