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Originally Posted by Tygen1 View Post
I wouldn't sugget doing this unless you are extremely confident in your skills. I've been modding cars for quite some time and I can change out the motor or transmission if I cause any problems.
If you have the skill and resources. Then you would start by getting a tuning program such as SCT PRP, Sniper or Tweecer to learn the tuning ropes, then once you have a quality Wideband O2 sensor to monitor how lean you are, you start to tweek the AFR to run lean under a light throttle cruise.
The Zetec motor seems to respond well to running lean
I'm assuming that the OP was intending to run lean by disconnecting a vacuum line. I've found that while it does improve your fuel mileage, it also does terrible to things to your engine if you don't regulate it.

I accidentally blew off a line on my Supercharged Mustang GT and while I got 26 hwy mpg, I popped the headgasket in about 1000 miles.

Lesson learned.

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