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Originally Posted by heyfox View Post
Good looking hatchback. I drive a red one, same year and cx model. Everything stock no a/c, I average what you were averaging before ~40mpg. I wouldn't have the nerve to gut the interior like that, especially my stereo. I'll probably end up getting similar wheels/overinflated tires as yours. I'm dreading facing the summer without a/c...I'll prolly start taking measures soon -- tinted windows, 12v dash fans, etc. Any ideas? Thanks for the pics!
i saw a site maybe instructables.
guy made a DIY Lunch cooler A/C unit. looks really ez to do too.

1. get a Lunch cooler, Heatercore from the junkyard that will fit on top of the cool lid. 12v fans , bilge pump for a boat + ice water

2. connect it so the pump, pumps the ice water thru the heater core, fans blow thru the fins and into your car.

im making one for this summer, as i dont have A/C either
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