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Metro, THANK YOU for the link This is the kick in the ar$e I need to get my mods going again (and legalizing, see below).

Have you contacted the owner? I'd like to see a few more construction details covered, maybe in a new thread? If you like, I can write them a message since I'm interested in how to legalize this in Europe (the license plates suggest it is legal).

I followed a link and noticed a page about an aero'ed e-motorcycle, which I thought I'd seen before (EM?):

That A2 forum is hilarious
But should I be laughing at them when they are already laughing at us? Feedback loop, feedback loop, feedback loop, ...

Originally Posted by Tango Charlie View Post
I could so DO THIS.

I have the need (Trips out west in my future). I have the skills. I have the tools. I don't have the materials, but that can easily be remedied.

I should do this. I must.
Same here, only...
I have the need (car used mostly for long trips with friends). I can find the materials and tools. I only partially have the skills, but I'd be more than happy to remedy that

Originally Posted by lunarhighway View Post
considdering the A2 already has an 0.25Cd ! one can only imagine what the Cd of this combination must be. plus the fact this is esentially a cargo box makes it legal where permanent extentions would not be
And here is my problem: making it legal. Polish parliament has been too lazy to pass laws allowing the use of rear-mounted cargo carriers, so it is illegal here to mount anything that covers the registration plates, and it's also illegal to take your plates off and transfer them to the bikerack/cargo carrier, even if it was designed for it (and legal in other European countries). Go figure
Gotta find a way around that.
e·co·mod·ding: the art of turning vehicles into what they should be

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