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lol @ james, let me know when you finally come up with a problem for this "solution" Keep trying though, and explain why you like dead weight and lots of initial expense over any other available options.

30mile range, before FAR 91.151, which means 0 mile range here or negative 15 mile range at night (60mph assumed). 175 miles per hour max, meh, tell me when this isn't a stupid idea. The battery probably weighs 70lbs, then add motors etc.

Get a motor glider like and spend that 70lbs in fuel and you can cruise at 62mph for 11.6 HOURS for a range of 700+ miles.

IF you guys really need a toy, go for it, run and get your checkbooks now, but efficiency for utility is next to zero. There are severe limitations on power to weight/power to size for batteries and they are even more pronounced in an airplane than in a 2 or 4 wheeler. The gap is so huge in fact that there is little else to do but laugh at folks taking this seriously.

IF you cannot be bothered to load up a trailer of 55 gallon drums to have fuel on site solely so you can fly in small circles away from fueled airports, but near an air strip with sufficient power to recharge your plane quickly, then this is the plane for you.


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