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Daily annoyance: Telemarketing calls from the "credit card repair" scam. W... T... F.... is up with that?!? They've been at it for at least a decade. It was probably them that inspired the "Do Not Call" list, which I'm on, yet they call anyway. I don't even have a freekin' credit card. If nobody responded to them they would dry up and blow away right? Well there must be 100,000,000 retards that HAVE responded and so they are still at it. You can remind them you are on the DNC list- they hang up on you. You can ask for their number- they hang up on you. You can ask for the boss- they hang up on you. Basically if you ask any legitimate question, they hang up on you. Yah, mmm hmm, I'm going to give my card number (if I had one) to an outfit that won't identify themselves in any way, shape or form... well it seems 100,000,000 idiots would. You can file complaints with BBB, attorneys general, and whoever... to no avail. Don't even expect a response.

I did mess with one a while back- SECOND call I got that day from them- pretended to sound like a real doofus and strung the guy along for a good long while "hang on, I'm looking for my card", and so on. After that they've stopped calling... for now.

What I find interesting is that we have the wherewithall, the technology, and the budget to have guys sitting in the midwest operating drones that blow away people on the other side of the globe, yet we are powerless against scammers.

Reminds me of the email spam for meds- they did catch that little xxxxer, he was from Minnesota too. I hope he is enjoying his prison stay which I'm sure is not long enough.

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