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Originally Posted by Frank Lee View Post
Daily annoyance: Telemarketing calls from the "credit card repair" scam. W... T... F.... is up with that?!? They've been at it for at least a decade.
Of course. Our country has been virtually bankrupt for that amount of time; and since the boobocracy (AKA the consumers upon which our entire economy is based) takes its cues from our political leaders, what did you expect with continued, unlimited deficit spending by government? Would you expect financial prudence from the masses?

It was probably them that inspired the "Do Not Call" list, which I'm on, yet they call anyway. I don't even have a freekin' credit card. If nobody responded to them they would dry up and blow away right? Well there must be 100,000,000 retards that HAVE responded and so they are still at it. You can remind them you are on the DNC list- they hang up on you. You can ask for their number- they hang up on you. You can ask for the boss- they hang up on you. Basically if you ask any legitimate question, they hang up on you. Yah, mmm hmm, I'm going to give my card number (if I had one) to an outfit that won't identify themselves in any way, shape or form... well it seems 100,000,000 idiots would. You can file complaints with BBB, attorneys general, and whoever... to no avail. Don't even expect a response.
You need to learn how to play them to get the information to pass on to the Do Not Call list. First, you know it's a solicitation call before they say anything anyway, because you can hear all the other 'boiler room' solicitors blabbing away in the background. Then, they usually mispronounce your name, because they are in India or some other foreign land and not native English speakers. When they announce their company's name, ask them to repeat it, so you can write it down. Then, feign interest and ask for their phone number. If they are reluctant to provide it, tell them you can't hear them well (considering that most cell phone communication is of abysmally poor quality, this is entirely credible) or that you can't understand their accent (also a virtual certainty). Say "Excuse me, I can't understand." Saying "I'm interested and I want to call you back, can I please have your number?" usually does the trick. Write it down. Then report them to the Do Not Call list. It's most effective if you have that information.

(Now that Frank and I are good buddies, I wanted to help him in any way I could.)
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