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Originally Posted by Frank Lee View Post
I did say they hang up on you if you ask for their number, and they do.
Some do, but if you play along and feign interest that you want to call them back, often they will tell you their number.

I remember one where I got the guy's name, company name and phone number. Then I asked him if he knew that I'm on the Do Not Call list. Of course he hung up in a hurry.

If you've done business with the company they are exempt from the DNC list, as are charities and politicians. Our local newspaper sometimes solicits business that way. They called me once asking for my father who had been deceased for years. When I told the rep that delivery would be difficult he asked why. I told him that it would be hard for someone who is dead to appreciate their newspaper. Dead silence. (And I could barely keep from laughing out loud.) I have never before heard a salesman struck speechless for a full half minute!

Keep reporting them anyway. You have nothing to lose by doing it.
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