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Gas scooter questions

I'm considering purchasing a Honda scooter (the Metropolitan or the Ruckus) to shift some of the burden of my commute to work from my gas-guzzling V6 to a more fuel-efficient vehicle. I have a couple of concerns that I need to address before I can decide if this is a practical alternative.

1. Is there a significant difference in mileage between the Metropolitan and the Ruckus? I much prefer the style of the Ruckus, but I wouldn't want to pay extra for the style only to lose significant fuel economy. I noticed the Ruckus weighs a little more, but they seem pretty similar otherwise based on the specifications.

2. How do insurance companies feel about these vehicles? Am I going to be paying as much for this as I do for car insurance? Of course, I will call my own insurance company tomorrow, but I wanted to see if anyone has personal experience they can share in the meantime.

3. What kind of life can I expect to get from a scooter? One source has suggested 25,000 miles before major repairs. This would get me far enough to pay for the thing and gain a little savings, but the savings would be modest at best.

4. What kind of maintenance is required for these vehicles? How often is it required?

5. Are these vehicles safe to operate in the rain? I understand inclement weather will make operating any vehicle less safe, but will I damage the vehicle if it is exposed to the weather?

Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.

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