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Why We Have No Wind or Solar Power

I did not go very far back in to this thread since it seems like it has devolved in to a discussion about nuke plants and global politics.

The title is:

"Why We Have No Wind or Solar Power"

It is not true that we have none. Any one of you could look it up. The problem with wind and solar power is that it is not reliable as a constant source of power. The federal agencies, NERC, FERC and whoever, demand that the power companies have reliable, constant and manageable sources of electricity so you all can charge your devices, watch TV and charge your electric cars. In spite of what you may believe, the wind doesn't always blow and the sun isn't available 24 hours per day.

Stop *****ing about it and work toward a managed progression to "renewable resource" powered electricity. First you have to define that "renewable" resource. Then you have to figure out how to make it reliably produce electricity 24/7. Until then, we are stuck with coal, oil, gas powered plants.

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