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I would strongly recommend trying to run her in 1st or 2nd gear and definately run as long as possible in 1st, 2nd, etc.

On my EV when I want to go further I limit max current to either 50 amps, 75 amps or 100 amps depending on how far I still need to go.

I slowly ramp up speed and push the throttle in as I speed up keeping the amps constant. Then once my throttle is to the pedal I let the thing speed up slowly (and its slow) and the top speed ends up 6-8mph faster after some time and my amp draw is much lower, I then move into field reduction since I don't have extra gears.

If I were you with your paticular setup I would accelerate glacially in low gears, the odd part is (at least on my ev) the acceleration is faster than you would expect using the ammeter as a guide to accelerate very slowly at low amps slowly letting the throttle out.

Doing this along with airing up the tires to 50 or 60psi and coasting a lot will dramatically increase your range. I can double or triple my range doing this because of how FLA behaves. Literally a few seconds at 500amps is like a few miles at 200 amps and many miles at 100 amps.

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