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I have a 4G smart-phone from Sprint. I am at the center of three 4G towers all within 3500 ft of where i live. The closest is under 2,110 ft from my door, yet my signal drops down to 5 kilobits per second several times a day.
When I am in an area that is a higher income neighborhood, my signal goes up to 7Mbs. This is my second EVO phone thorough them, and i'm sure the problem is not the phone ( s )
Sprint sent me a signal booster about the size of a toaster. Not only does it look ugly with all of the extra wires hanging out, it also consumes around 30 watts extra...and

Here is my daily annoyance : The thing must be plugged into a working internet connection to provide signal to the phone.

How does this make sense ? To browse the internet on my phone, I must first get online by turning on my modem which is connected to my laptop ??
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