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Haha, thanks for the compliment but I think you might need to get your glasses prescription adjusted, the previous owner did a pretty good job of beating this car up.
The stereo really isn't that big of a deal, it's really just one more thing to distract you when you're driving. I took it out when I bought the car and figured I would miss it, but it's really not that big of a deal. Longer distance drives (3+) hours can get a little boring, especially on long open stretches but I manage.

Not having an interior is find, I never have an passengers and I had I been smart before buying the car in a hurry I could have got a CRX or an Insight, but whatever this is the choice I made.

My big deal for staying cool right now is drinking a lot of water before leaving and then staying hydrated while driving.

I was thinking about buying a cool suit, but not quite ready for that level of commitment in my proclamation of insanity...yet. Plus, I am planning to begin biking to school and all distances under 25 miles round trip.

Lovemysan, seat belts have to stay in for the off chance that I have passengers. Door panels will probably come off soon enough, but the carpet and sound deadener will stay until I get the car painted.

No hardcore, just insane. I really doubt it makes any difference other than aesthetic.
Car picks up a bit more, but I haven't seen conclusive MPG gains.
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