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oil shill

Originally Posted by t vago View Post
you oil shill!

(when you get your payment from Big Oil, let me know - I've been waiting for years for my compensation for being a shill, too)
You're not getting your money? You need to check on that.

Yup, that's what you get called for pointing out the realities of a situation.

Storage is a huge problem. You can't store Alternating Current Electricity. You can convert it to Direct Current and use batteries but that is not very efficient and you have to convert it back to AC when it is needed. You will need BIG batteries.

You can't just keep all the water you use for hydro generation. There are regulations, agreements, treaties, etc. about how much you have to pass down stream for others to use.

Mother Earth doesn't really like getting a compressed air enema. Or a compressed liquid enema. Look up fracking. Storing molten anything underground may have "unintended" (read ignored possible) consequences. Underground storage can cave in. Anything under pressure can explode.

I never said solar or wind power was unusable, just peaky.

Geothermal is a great idea. It is not practical everywhere. Tidal and wave power generation is good too but not without other environmental concerns.

I said before:
Originally Posted by taredog View Post
work toward a managed progression to "renewable resource" powered electricity
Until then we are stuck with coal, oil and gas fired power plants. Or rationed electricity. That's going to make it tough to recharge those ZEVs.

Unless one of you discovers that huge secret unicorn storage corral the government has. Sponsored by big oil of course. I have been told that unicorn farts have an unlimited amount of BTUs. They may even be able to be converted directly in to AC power without any generation plants. Those sparkly things you see surrounding unicorns have unlimited energy potential too.

Some think the corral is near Groom Lake NV. I think it's in Tooele UT.
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