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Originally Posted by sawickm View Post
I would be interested in a dual mode BMS (Lion/SLA). No one has a BMS like that !!!

Not many SLA BMS's on the market. Manzanita Micro has a MK3 BMS a voltage controlled bypass regulator with digital interface Manzanita Micro. Volt Blocher had a bypass shunt BMS, but went out of business.

When you get to the point you want to add BMS PDF files to the ReVolt wiki, PM me for my email address and I'll add them to my file server.

Well, probably no-one would make a SLA cell module. I still don't see how you would use it with most 12V batteries taht I have seen having the cell interconnections buried in plastic or other goop.

I'll be in touch when I have files available. (I have the cell module boards pretty well finalised and I am using them with a laptop, but the "master" needs finishing off to make it a complete system).
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