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This an idea I've been working on for some time, sell a kit which adds a motor and battery bank to 4x4 trucks, the most in need of help after all! Plus they have a front drive axle available for a place to mount the motor to. Aside from some regen braking, there should to be a way to "Outside charge " the batteries, as in, plug in at night to house current, solar panels, etc., otherwise you are using the ICE engine to charge the batteries, which drives the motor to move the car, when it's just more efficient to have the ICE drive the car directly. A small high efficiency APU running at a constant speed just to charge with might work, but I have not found one. On my car I was building for the Auto X-Prize, I was going to use the waste heat from the ICE's ( there were two engines) to power the alternator.
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